Dub Catalogue Volume One (Reissue) (Translucent Yellow Vinyl LP)

Translucent Yellow Vinyl LP

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Michael Campbell started out as an engineer with the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation and made reggae history presenting his Dread At The Controls radio program, after which he embarked on a successful career as an innovative performing artist, producer and bona fide dubmaster. As such, he was among the first to utilize the incredibly talented, young the Roots Radics to lay the foundations of his tracks. Much less relying on endlessly recycled riddims from the Studio One and Treasure Isle catalogues than many of his peers, Mikey mostly delivered crisp, original tunes. They were 'deconstructed' at King Tubby's studio - the birthplace of dub - in this case by virtuoso Scientist with Mikey himself. Dread at the Controls indeed! This catalogue includes the majestic Two Track Dub (a version of the Roots and Culture riddim) and Demo Dub (versioning Radio One, featured on the B-side of The Clash's Hitsville UK).


1. Demo Dub 
2. Raving Style 
3. Dub Addict 
4. Stereo Dub 
5. Brain Wave
6. Front Room Dub 
7. Two Track Dub 
8. Control Tower Dub 
9. Reflexion Dub 
10. Dreadlocks Dub 
11. Queen Dub

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