From A Compound Eye (Reissue)


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Double-vinyl gatefold reissue of Guided By Voices frontman's most celebrated solo album, previously released in 2006 on Merge Records.

From A Compound Eye was Robert Pollard's first solo album after dissolving Guided By Voices in 2004. When things came to an end for GBV, Pollard promised that this would not mean the end of his songwriting and recording career. It actually provided a fresh start. Leaving his band (and Matador Records) behind allowed him to record when he wanted and what he wanted, with whomever he wanted. Chock full of fantastic songs including "Dancing Girls and Dancing Men", "I'm a Widow", "Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft", and "I'm A Strong Lion". "... in the tradition of deck-clearing double LPs like the Minutemen's Double Nickels On The Dime and The Beatles' White Album." -The AV Club


1 Gold
2 Field Jacket Blues
3 Dancing Girls and Dancing Men
4 Flowering Orphan
5 The Right Thing
6 U.S. Mustard Company
7 The Numbered Head
8 I'm a Widow
9 Fresh Threats, Salad Shooters and Zip Guns
10 Kick Me and Cancel
11 Other Dogs Remain
12 Kensington Cradle
13 Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft
14 Hammer in Your Eyes
15 50-Year-Old Baby
16 I Surround You Naked
17 Cock of the Rainbow
18 Conquerer of the Moon
19 Blessed in An Open Head
20 A Boy in Motion
21 Denied
22 Light Show
23 I'm a Strong Lion
24 Payment for the Babies
25 Kingdom Without
26 Recovering