Repairs / FADOHT Lathe Cut Split

Vinyl 7"
Tauranga number-8 wire minimalist duo Flogging a Dead One Horse Town (FADOHT) and Auckland high-tempo noise trio REPAIRS have joined forces to release a 7” split lathe cut.

Initially conceived as a way to support Peter King through an order of lathe cuts, the EP includes each band doing a cover version of one of the other’s tracks – without ever having heard the original. Sending the other a track to cover with only the song’s name, lyrics and a couple of guitar chords via email, both bands had total creative freedom to interpret the track how they saw fit. Flogging a Dead One Horse Town have taken on the REPAIRS’ track “Boxer”, while REPAIRS’ rendition of “Shits” is now more modestly called “Shirts”.

Lathes cuts by Peter King. You can find out more information about lathe cuts and Peter King on his website