961, the moniker for a building situated at 961 Field Rd, Marin Headlands (USA), became the project tag for a weekly collaboration between Tom Nunn (US), Paul Winstanley (US/NZ) and Phil Dadson (NZ).

During Phil’s three-month artist residency at Headlands Centre for the Arts in 2016, building 961 was converted into a multi-voiced instrument with long metal rods, wooden dowels and long wire zithers installed directly into floor and wall surfaces. A modified rocking chair (Tone-throne) with tuned rods of wood and steel, and two sets of clashing cymbals operated by long wires attached front and back to the rocker action, occupied centre-space. This, along with the colourful timbral mix of our individual instruments, transformed 961 into a sonic play-space for our project.

This recording was the trio’s very last session, an unbroken hour-long improvisation performed for an audience of invited friends and fellow artists.

Produced by Phil Dadson, Paul Winstanley and Yom Nunn
Recorded on August 23, 2016 by Paul Winstanley
Mixed and mastered by Paul Winstanley
Mastered by Steve Garden
Design by UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q