Black Unity (Verve By Request Series) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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If you think you know Pharoah Sanders, think again. Across the thirty-seven minutes of 1971's groove-laden Black Unity, frenetic Afro-rhythms collide with the familiar sound of Joe Bonner's piano, with bountiful and manic percussion plucked from the world's musical history. Of course, Pharaoh's sax rides with urgency and purpose across it all, a cacophony of spiritual sound and almost-chaos that somehow just works, and works absolutely. - Flying Out

For 1971's Black Unity, Pharoah Sanders added groove to foundation of spiritual and free jazz he had explored on his previous Impulse! albums. The result is a piercing and emotive 37-minute title track exploration of African, Latin, aborigine and Native American sounds, driven by rhythm.Verve By Request Series features 180-gram vinyl, pressed at Third Man in Detroit.


1. Black Unity – Part I
2. Black Unity – Part II

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