Who are PGX? They themselves aren’t sure. PGX was a bunch of girls until one of them found his true self. They started as flatmates who became bandmates after long nights over glasses of wine dissecting melodies and discussing ideas that may or may not belong together.

PGX are not trying to channel any sonic influences. They’re not sure what sound they’re going for but are finding their way with distortion and catchy turns of phrase over simple rhythms. A big part of their sound is the left field spoken word vocal cadence that’s part storytelling, part poetic.

Consistent themes over the course of a song aren’t always front and centre on this EP, but there are tales of South Island adventure—questing to find a Flying Nun legend, malaise—the troubles of minimum wage jobs in Dunedin, and the odd feminism line thrown in.

  1. Mopeds
  2. Chocolate Factory
  3. The Shortest Year
  4. Peter Gutteridge