White Sky (Reissue) (Limited Clear and Blue Marbled Vinyl LP)

Limited Clear and Blue Marbled Vinyl LP

White Sky is Peter Green's fifth solo album. Green is best known as the founder of Fleetwood Mac.

After 1979 and 1980 albums by Peter Green were by turns bluesy and funky, White Sky from 1981 emphasises rock. Maybe this is because all the songs are written by his older brother Mike Green, who sings on the title track. Drummer Reg Isidore of the Robin Trower Band joins Green on this album. White Sky was produced by Peter Green and Geoff Robinson.


1. Time For Me To Go
2. Shining Star
3. The Clown
4. White Sky (Love That Evil Woman)
5. It’s Gonna Be Me
6. Born On The Wild Side
7. Fallin’ Apart
8. Indian Lover
9. Just Another Guy