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German DJ and producer Perel's debut album is a striking amalgamation of house, new wave, and kraut frameworks that shape a distinct new sound and add a strikingly direct vocal delivery to the mix. Her arrangements recall the starkness of Cluster, Grauzone, and Conny Plank's work with Liaisons Dangereuses, all distinct German voices from the 1980s.

Born in Saxony, Annegret Fiedler ventured into the realm of songwriting at the age of eight, composing her first songs on her grandmother's piano while listening to Eurythmics and 2 Unlimited cassettes in her spare time. She went on to develop her craft as a formally trained singer, co-producer, and multi-instrumentalist in several bands, covering a broad palette of styles ranging from punk rock to electro pop and honing her performance skills. A move to Berlin (and the city's club landscape) inspired her to start recording solo productions under the moniker Perel.

These days, she can be found playing DJ sets at internationally acclaimed venues like Berghain / Panorama Bar, De School, and Wilden Renate, while also forging connections with Paris' Rex Club, Oslo's Jæger, and Bossa Nova Civic Club in New York. She's shared bills with Jennifer Cardini, John Talabot, and DJ Harvey, among others, and the record's lead single "Die Dimension" was one of Dixon's most played tracks on last year's festival circuit. Hermetica is a focused, sonically adventurous work, where an artist previously known for her DJ sets plays every instrument, writes every song and explores this new dimension of her own creative process.


1. Projekt 3
2. Pastarella Al Limoncello 
3. Si 
4. Alles
5. PMS 
6. Signum Viridi 
7. Myalgia 
8. Crocus Vernus 
9. Die Dimension