Deep Blue (Reissue) (Clear Blue Vinyl 2LP)

Clear Blue Vinyl 2LP

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The hotly anticipated follow-up to 2007's Horizons, Deep Blue raised the bar in every conceivable way. While maintaining the band's uncompromising metallic-hardcore style at its core, it pushes into exciting new realms, drawing from a wider scope of influence, incorporating everything from anthemic pop-punk to bloodcurdling death metal.

Includes classic songs such as Karma and Sleepwalker.

Limited clear blue coloured vinyl.


A1. Samsara
A2. Unrest
A3. Sleepwalker
A4. Wreckage
B1. Deadweight 
B2. Alone
B3. Pressures 
C1. Deliver Me
C2. Karma
C3. Home Is For the Heartless 
D1. Hollow 
D2. Leviathan 
D3. Set to Destroy

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