Chips For Dinner

Vinyl LP

Born in the kitchen of some stranger's house and conceived of over many bowls of pasta and lentils, Chips for Dinner is the gurgling brainchild of New York's weirdest. Palberta and No One And The Somebodies (NOATS) feel right at home together, joyously dishing out sonic absurdities and displaying a clear mutual influence on each other's work. Four brothers from Westchester County and three thick-as-thieves friends living in the Hudson Valley have concocted a real musical treat for all lovers of the playful and strange.

A beacon of inspiration for countless musicians in the Tri-State Area, NOATS have spent the past 15+ years gigging relentlessly, releasing mind blowing records with a righteous message and having a blast while doing it. The NOATS side of Chips for Dinner is their first new music in three years, and these four tracks feel appropriately triumphant. Equally unhinged and anthemic, they deliver healthy doses of guitar-induced frenzy and and bizarrely gorgeous melodies, offering an accurate spectrum of the NOATS sound. The unabashed, visceral fun at the core of this band has left an indelible mark on the New York underground, encouraging many basement dwellers to follow in their footsteps.

Palberta are certainly amongst those followers, but continue to pave their own lane with explosive originality. Like a haunting schoolyard chant or an inside joke you're dying to be in on, their side of the split offers a familiar lunacy that is entirely their own. Palberta taunts, teases and tears through these six tracks, masterfully recorded by OSR tapes founder Zach Phillips. As a full package, Chips for Dinner sounds like a celebration of all the quirks that exist within a tight knit friendship, a testament to post-rehearsal snack sessions, and a record that is as fun to listen to as it surely was to make. 

  1. Nü Metal
  2. No One And The Somebodies - Chicken Milk
  3. No One And The Somebodies - Nü Jazz
  4. No One And The Somebodies - Awake in the Dark 
  5. No One And The Somebodies - Sonic Youth, the Reptilians & Me (Old Table Cover)
  6. Palberta - You DiD 
  7. Palberta - Pharmacy 
  8. Palberta - Take You Away 
  9. Palberta - Nana 
  10. Palberta - Call Me
  11. Palberta - Maestro's Minestrone 
  12. Palberta - Girls (Old Table Cover)