Fantasize Your Ghost


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Fantasize Your Ghost encapsulates the thrilling and sometimes terrifying joy of moving forward even if you don't know where you're going. It's an album that asks necessary questions: When life demands a crossroads, what version of yourself are you going to pursue? What part of yourself will you feed and let flourish and what do you have to let go of? When they sing, "Just walk out the door and / Don’t tell them goodbye" it's drastic but also exhilaratingly hopeful. This is a record of strength, of best friends believing in each other. Unapologetic and brave, Ohmme are ready to figure it all out together.


  1. Flood Your Gut
  2. Selling Candy
  3. Ghost
  4. The Limit
  5. Spell It Out
  6. Twitch
  7. 3 2 4 3
  8. Some Kind of Calm
  9. Sturgeon Moon
  10. After All

RIYL: Twin Peaks, Lala Lala


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