Lulanga Tales

Vinyl LP

Les Disques Bongo Joe are happy to announce the release of Nyati Mayi & Astral Synth Transmitters first album ever : Lulanga Tales ! After the release of a first 7’’ last year, we’re proud to continue our work with one of the most astonishing duo from Belgium !

Two travelers, in the eclectic and evolving musical underground in Brussels, their paths having crossed over many years, finally seal the deal and record a deep, emotional, jazztronic Afro-bomb of an LP that has no respect for genre limits and mines the crannies of both players’ musical taste. The name might suggest a bigger ensemble, but Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters are currently duo Nyati Mayi & soFa elsewhere who weave the electronic and acoustic yet with a stark rhythmic punch, rendering heartbreaking vocals (sung in no specific language) across six delicious tracks. 


  1. Elderflower 
  2. Cry Woman 
  3. Jungle Dwarf 
  4. Lulanga Tales 
  5. Try Sunshine 
  6. Heart & Beatroot