Wedding Songs

Sahel Sounds

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Raucous and electrified wedding songs from the desert kingdom of Mauritania. Luxurious overload of microtonal scales, phaser pedals, and unpredictable polyrhythms. Documentation of a little known music scene where disparate influences meet in beautiful permutations. This is desert music as it’s performed - loud and unfiltered. Comes with 12 page full color booklet. Limited to 1000.

A1 Vagho Tahrar 
A2 Seïni Karr 
A3 Libyadh / Lebtayt
A4 Vagho "Bëndieu"
A5 Karr N'Temass
A6 Karr N'Temass
B1 Vagho (II) "Kenoune"
B2 Seïni Karr Bëndieu
B3 Karr (I)
B4 Vagho (II) "Bëndieu"
B5 Karr (I) "Bëndieu"