Are You Happy

Vinyl EP

Pop Matters said that Nnamdï's sounds are a testament to the continual melting away of genre distinctions in the current era of (particularly Black) music.” His extensive catalogue includes covers significant ground in hip-hop, pop, rock, punk, orchestral, and experimental music. In 2021, NNAMDÏ expanded his freewheeling sonic explorations for an entrée into the world of pop-infused dance and electronica with the release of the Are You Happy EP on November 12, 2021. Notably, Are You Happy is the only NNAMDÏ project to date that he did not produce, perform, and record by himself. To the surprise of his fans, NNAMDÏ bucked that self-imposed precedent to work with Chicago producer Lynyn. Lynyn is the alias of composer Conor Mackey, NNAMDÏ’s longtime bandmate in the jazz-fusion quintet Monobody. Are You Happy, was released shortly before Lynyn’s 2022 debut electronic LP lexicon (Sooper Records), which went on to garner significant acclaim. DJ Magazine said that “lexicon is likely to set him apart as one of IDM's next visionaries”. Lynyn produced Are You Happy in its entirety, drawing on his extensive vocabulary of electronic music and masterful production chops to create the dense, finely detailed compositions at the core of the project. The songs on Are You Happy integrate IDM, drum and bass, dub, and a kitchen-sink of electronic genres resulting in one of the freshest and most singularly unique projects in NNAMDÏ’s extensive and shape-shifting catalogue.


  1. Barely Reason For A Smile 
  2. Glass Casket (Remix) 
  3. Doing Too Much 
  4. Backseat 
  5. You Don't Know (ft. Sen Morimoto)