Smokers Delight (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP

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Reissue of the 1995 magnum opus - a defining statement of intent in the development of the Nightmares On Wax sound. Moving away from the bleeps and breaks of their first album, Smokers Delight presents a post-club comedown journey which experiments with elements of jazz, dub, soul and hip hop.


Side A:
1. Nights Interlude
2. Dredd Overboard
3. Pipes Honour

Side B:
4. Me + You
5. Stars
6. Wait A Minute
6 & 1/2. Prayin' (For A Jeepbeat)
7. Groove St

Side C:
8. Time (To Listen)
9. Man Tha Journey
10. Bless My Soul
11. Cruise (Don't Stop)

Side D:
12. Mission Venice
13. What I'm Feelin' (Good)
14. Rise
15. Rise (Reprise)
16. Gambia Via Vagator Beach

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