7 Worlds Collided (Live at the St James) (CD)


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Live recording culled from a series of 5 shows recorded at the St. James theatre in Auckland from 2nd April 2001 to 6th April 2001.

Features Eddie Vedder, Johnny Marr, Ed O’Brien, Tim Finn, Sebastian Steinberg, Phil Selway, Lisa Germano, and Betchadupa (Liam Finn).


1. Anytime (Live at the St. James)
2. Take a Walk (Live at the St. James)
3. The Climber (Live at the St. James)
4. Loose Tongue (Live at the St. James)
5. Down on The Corner (Live at the St. James)
6. There is a Light That Never Goes Out (Live at the St. James)
7. Paper Doll (Live at the St. James)
8. Turn and Run (Live at the St. James)
9. Angels Heap (Live at the St. James) 
10. Edible Flowers (Live at the St. James) 
11. Stuff and Nonsense (Live at the St. James) 
12. I See Red (Live at the St. James)
13. She Will Have Her Way (Live at the St. James) 
14. Parting Ways 
15. Weather with You (Live at the St. James)
16. Paradise (Wherever You Are) (Live at the St. James) 
17. Don't Dream Its Over (Live at the St. James)

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