Natural Wonder Beauty Concept (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP



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A genuine collection of free-for-all up-tempo electronic. Ana Roxanne and DJ Python both step aside to let each-other shine through in ways their solo projects can't and have created a moody, novel sound encompassing trip-hop, synth-pop and brittle IDM drums. I only wish this is not their only album together - Hunter

Ana Roxanne
and DJ Python have formed a new duo called Natural Wonder Beauty Concept. The duo’s preternatural communication was present from the start. In early, open-ended sessions at Gary’s Electric Studio in Greenpoint, they arrived on a moody, novel sound encompassing trip-hop, synth-pop, brittle IDM drums, and samples of classical music. Piñeyro threw out ideas at a breakneck pace. Ana impacted the sound with subtle, monumental chord shapes and textures, eventually singing over strange and beautiful beats.


1. Fallen Angel 
2. Sword 
3. III 
4. The Veil I
5. Natural Wonder Beauty Concept 
6. The Veil II 
7. Young Adult Fiction 
8. Driving
9. Clear 
10. World Freehand Circle Drawing