'Til I Start Speaking


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'Til I Start Speaking charts this journey of empowerment across 10 gentle anthems of soul and self-realization, to be shared and leaned on in low times or late nights. Katy Morley's soft, swooning strain of storyteller pop has distilled across the past half decade into an increasingly hushed and heartfelt private language, as lived in as it is lyrical. 'Til I Start Speaking, her long awaited debut, took shape slowly during stints in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and London, stripping back the melodies to their essence, driven by a yearning to "reach 'the other side,' to live in and be art and music." The songs that emerged are time-worn, aching, and acoustically rich, like hymns or traditionals, traced in piano, voice, and percussion. She describes the creation process as almost a "subconscious exorcism", casting out old ghosts and outgrown loves.


1. 'Til I Start Speaking (I & II)
2. Dance To You
3. Sleeping In My Own Bed
4. Wasted
5. Twain Harte
6. Up Above
7. Jazz Angel (Bill)
8. Savior Mind Tattoo
9. Superlunar II
10. Eliogy