Waves of Anzac / The Journey


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Waves of Anzac/The Journey is Mick Harvey’s first soundtrack release in over 10 years.

The album features two recent soundtracks to powerful subject matters recorded by Mick Harvey. The first, ‘Waves of Anzac’, looks at Sam Neill’s personal family history interwoven with the history of the First World War and the ANZACs through to the modern era, while the second, ‘The Journey’, is a four-part composition released in support of #KidsOffNauru, a campaign working for the child refugees and people seeking asylum who find themselves in offshore detention.

Track List:
A1. Turkish Theme
A2. Waves Of Anzac
A3. First Anniversary
A4. The Somme
A5. Archives
A6. Poppies
A7. The Lovells
A8. The Cemetery
A9. Modern War
A10. Vietnam
B1. Crete
B2. Back At Kiatora
B3. The Arch
B4. Return To Anzac Cover The Journey
B5. Part 1: Conflict
B6. Part 2: All At Sea
B7. Part 3: Capture (Not Real Refugees)
B8. Part 4: Hope

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