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Equal parts lush and dark, ‘Drylands’ is Mel Parsons’ stunning 3rd full length album, and was recorded at Lee Prebble’s Surgery studio (The Phoenix Foundation, The Black Seeds), Wellington, in late 2014. Coproduced by Parsons and Irish-Kiwi Gerry Paul, the album is a sonic side-step from her last two releases while remaining true to the singer-songwriters’ essence – the telling of a good story. Hitting the studio immediately after a five week stint on the road, the pair had the ideal pre-recording road-test “it gave us the opportunity to feel out what worked, which songs really connected with audiences” recalls Parsons.

Track Listing:

  1. Far Away
  2. Alberta Sun
  3. Driving Man
  4. Non Communicado
  5. Don't Wait
  6. Far North Coast
  7. Good Together
  8. Friend
  9. Get Out Alive
  10. Down So Long
  11. First Sign of Trouble
  12. Fireworks
  13. Another City