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Inventions Remixes - Flying Out


Inventions Remixes

Temporary Residence Limited

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Last year Georgia's Maserati ended a four-year absence with Inventions For The New Season, a delirious soundtrack for late-night cityscapes and never-ending car chases. The first album featuring new drummer Jerry Fuchs (LCD Soundsystem, !!!, The Juan Maclean), Inventions quite literally reinvented Maserati as a motorik psych-rock band with a disco ball for a kick drum. It makes sense, then, that Maserati have commissioned a pair of remixes by two producers most likely to shove their songs onto the dancefloor feet-first.Side A finds Thee Loving Hand (Tim Goldsworthy of The DFA, Hercules and Love Affair) stripping The World Outside to almost nothing, reimagining it as a vintage European disco track from the ground up. Starting with a steady, far-off kick drum and a rogue, in-your-face hi hat, the song's seemingly disparate parts eventually lock into the kind of dirty disco that has made Goldsworthy a club legend.Equally club-friendly, !!!'s Justin Van Der Volgen brushes away the grit of the original Inventions¬ù and painstakingly buffs it to a shine as slick as black ice. The side-long trance mix maintains the sweaty atmosphere of the original, but removes the top-down drive in favor of a midnight jog.Strictly limited to a one-time pressing of 1,000 copies, Inventions Remixes is both an addendum to the successful reboot of Inventions For The New Season, as well as a testament to the broad spectrum of influences that flow in and out of Maserati's music.



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