MARK LANEGAN - Straight Songs of Sorrow – Flying Out
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Straight Songs of Sorrow



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Straight Songs Of Sorrow, which is closely aligned to Lanegan's memoir, “Sing Backwards And Weep”, features guest appearances from Greg Dulli, Warren Ellis, John Paul Jones, Ed Harcourt and more.

When considering any great work of art, it’s natural to wonder what might have inspired it: ‘the story behind the song’. Mark Lanegan’s new album, ‘Straight Songs Of Sorrow’, flips that equation. Here are 15 songs inspired by a story: his life story, as documented by his own hand in his new memoir, ‘Sing Backwards And Weep’.

‘Straight Songs Of Sorrow’ combines musical trace elements from early Mark Lanegan albums with the synthesized constructs of later work. The album feels both definitive and unique, a culmination of its creator’s arc yet also indicative of the energy that drives him onto future horizons. No wonder Lanegan is proud.

Track List:

    1. I Wouldn't Want To Say 
    2. Apples From A Tree 
    3. This Game Of Love 
    4. Ketamine 
    5. Bleed All Over 
    6. Churchbells, Ghosts 
    7. Internal Hourglass Discussion 
    8. Stockholm City Blues 
    9. Skeleton Key 
    10. Daylight In The Nocturnal House 
    11. Ballad of the Dying Rover 
    12. Hanging On (For DRC) 
    13. Burying Ground 
    14. At Zero Below 
    15. Eden Lost And Found