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Romance Language - Flying Out


Romance Language

Temporary Residence Limited

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Since he began moonlighting from his main gig as one-half of sci-fi prog powerhouse Zombi, multi-instrumentalist A.E. Paterra has become increasingly renowned as the mastermind behind Majeure. Following the assured debut epic, Timespan, his second album, Solar Maximum,delivered on the promise of a retro-futurist ambient synth-rock masterpiece. Romance Language continues this journey with two sprawling, side-long tracks that marry the sci-fi disco of Timespan with the celestial Mars-scapes of Solar Maximum. It is both a nod to Majeure's prior accomplishments, and a peek into his sunspot-bright future †fitting for an artist whose entire career has been devoted to fluidly melding the past and the future to create a transcendent present.This vinyl-only release is strictly limited to 1,000 copies, and includes a free MP3 downloadcoupon.



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