Another One



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Mac Demarco, seems to be releasing a classic every year (or less) and Another One is a mini-LP following on from Salad Days. Conceived and recorded entirely by himself in a short period between a relentless tour schedule, Another One is eight, freshly written songs, expanding the arsenal of Mac's already impressive catalogue.

There’s a bittersweet, romantic sensibility present. The overall feeling is of lost love, or perhaps love never found, yet Mac embraces this without making it an overly sombre experience for the listener. It's at times haunting and warm, and a bit more refined and sophisticated, but still plenty playful, retaining the guts and soul of classic Mac.


  1. Another One
  2. The Way You'd Love Her 
  3. No Other Heart
  4. Just To Put Me Down 
  5. A Heart Like Hers
  6. I've Been Waiting For Her 
  7. Without Me 
  8. My House By The Water