Cumbia de Juventud

Vinyl LP

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Formed in 1961 by legendary brothers Pedro Jairo and Guillermo León GarcésLos Golden Boys quickly rose to the top of the Colombian "música tropical" scene by combining popular rock and twist influences with cumbia, gaita, porro and other local styles. The band recorded several hits for the Discos Fuentes label, until the tragic death of – brilliant electric guitarist – Jairo in 1972 laid the original Los Golden Boys to rest. Cumbia De Juventud is a newly remastered collection of 12 of the heaviest songs from their golden era! Focused on raucous and driving cumbias that highlight the Garcés brothers' talents, this LP is full of haunting minor-key melodies, thundering percussion, sinister guitar and Solovox solos, thumping bass, pulsing brass, and an atmosphere of a stoned all-night beach party under a persistent cloud of angst and dark Teenagedom. The use of the strange Solovox electric keyboard as a stand-in for the indigenous gaita flute adds a unique dimension that weaves through the air, and the voices of JairoBenny Marquez, and Amparito Muñiz keep the dance up all night and into a rough hangover. Of the countless great Discos Fuentes recording artists from the 60s, Los Golden Boys stand out as not only stellar and tasteful musicians, but also incredible songwriters able to construct perfect dance songs from a slew of influences. Cumbia De Juventud stands as a tribute to the Garcés brothers and a magical moment in Colombian music history. Includes the highly-sought stoner cumbia banger 'Cumbia De La Mariguana (Se Trabó La Banda)', the incredibly heavy 'Cumbia Y Beso', the brooding pasaje 'El Año Viejo', the creeper hit 'Sonrieme' (featured on the TV show Narcos), and many more... An instant classic! These 12 songs have been expertly restored by Timothy Stollenwerk from the best available sources to reveal all kinds of beautiful details, and they sound better, clearer and heavier than ever. Pressed on 160 gram black vinyl by Smashed Plastic in Chicago. Glossy and heavy tip-on colour jacket. Highly recommended for fans of Aurita Su ConjuntoGuitar MoodLos Teen AgersLos FalconsLos GraduadosLos HispanosLos SaicosLos MirlosLos DestellosA Orillas Del MagdalenaRemolino De OroThe Original Sound Of Cumbia...


  1. Cumbia de Juventud
  2. Los Colombianas
  3. Cumbia y Beso
  4. El Buena Vida
  5. La Cumbia De La Mariguana
  6. Sonrieme
  7. Vengan A Baila
  8. El Año Viejo
  9. La Luna y La Playa
  10. El Elevao
  11. Si Me Quieres
  12. A Volar Moscas

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