Grey Area (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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Staff Pick "Her 3rd album at 25 years old. Her rapping is off the hook, so honest, it’s impossible to not hear her. The instrumentation behind it is complex and beautiful. A real stand out album. A game changer. Sophie

Sweeping orchestral breaks lift and help let fly Simz’s royal melodies.

This is the latest album from North London rapper, actress (she was ‘Vicky’ in BBC’s Spirit Warriors and ‘Meleka’ in E4’s series Youngers) and musician Simbi Ajikawo following on from two other albums and a slew of mixtapes and singles.

Dancing breakbeat drums, fuzzed up funky hip-hop bass and of course fast-flowing words pitter pattering against an infectious moving, grooving backing. Horns and flutes fly, jazzy breaks and samples flit between words and grrrl-gang vocal backing chants slip in and augment choruses.


1. Offence
2. Boss
3. Selfish f. Cleo Sol
4. Wounds f. Chronixx
5. Venom
6. 101 FM
7. Pressure f. Little Dragon
8. Therapy
9. Sherbet Sunset
10. Flowers f. Michael Kiwanuka


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