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Free Cell begins in isolation. Lina Tullgren's guitar picks a delicate, slow-moving melody out of silence. Sweeping strings and brass echo out to some far-away horizon. In this moment, on the title track of Tullgren's second album, they sound like the only person left in the universe. Fittingly, Free Cell is named after a game of solitaire."

Tullgren (who uses gender neutral pronouns) played the game compulsively while on tour for their first album, 2017's Won: "Unlike normal solitaire, Free Cell can always be won,"Tullgren explains. "It's all about organization." Free Cell, the album, stems from that same quest for order; writing the songs became a way of sorting through emotions before moving on. Every game of solitaire is played alone - and at the end, there's always a moment when everything snaps into place.


1. Free Cell 
2. 110717 
3. Golden Babyland 
4. Bad At Parties 
5. Saiddone 
6. Soft Glove 1 
7. Glowing x 10000 
8. Wow, Lucky 
9. Soft Again 
10. Nervous Yet 
11. Soft Glove 2 
12. Piano



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