I Killed Your Dog (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

With her previous album Fatigue dubbed the album of 2021 by The Wire magazine, all eyes have been on the next move from experimental multi-instrumentalist L’Rain, aka Taja Cheek. Now comes this brand new rumination on hurt, I Killed Your Dog, complete with Strokes-at-the-end-of-the-world single Pet Rock and cool, calm, and chaotic single New Year’s UnResolution. Critics are loving it, too, with Pitchfork calling the album "bewitching" and making it their Best New Music, while Paste have said it "dazzles with its musicality". Intrigued? You should be! - Flying Out

Multi-instrumentalist and composer L’Rain returns with her third album I Killed Your Dog. Over-writing themes of grief and identity that informed her previous work, I Killed Your Dog considers what it means to hurt the people you love the most. Multi-layered in subject and form, L’Rain’s sonic explorations interrogate instead how multiplicities of emotion and experience intersect with identity. The experimental and the hyper-commercial; the expectation and the reality; the hope and the despair.

  1. Sincerity Commercial
  2. Our Funeral
  3. Pet Rock
  4. I Hate My Best Friends
  5. I Killed Your Dog
  6. All the Days You Remember
  7. 5 to 8 Hours a Day (Wwwag)
  8. Sometimes
  9. R(Emote)
  10. Uncertainty Principle
  11. Oh Wow, a Bird!
  12. Knead Bee
  13. Monsoon of Regret
  14. Clumsy
  15. What’s That Song?
  16. New Year’s Unresolution