Pudding Island

Die-hard DIY instrumental producer Kraus of New Zealand returns with his sixteenth album. “Pudding Island” explores the psychedelic outer limits of the Kraus sound-world, with extended head-spinning electronic pieces, alongside the artist’s trademark shrieking fuzz guitars and one-armed ape drumming. Opening track “The Killing of a Duck” conjures a lobotomised, desert-dwelling Link Wray, caught in a series of endless, three-note brain-loops, while “Pudding Synthesizer” stages a collision between West Coast avant-synthesis à la Morton Subotnick, and the primitive synth-pop laser-harp of Jean-Michel Jarre. The ecstatic “No Food in the House” blends the garage stomp of The Seeds with quasi-Turkish fuzz flourishes. Essential listening for fans of the adventurous, what-the-fuck? end of contemporary New Zealand music.

Track Listing:
1. The Killing of a Duck (4:39)
2. No Food in the House (2:16)
3. The Apples were Eaten by the Horse (2:45)
4. Burning Hurts (6:40)
5. Hastening from Pudding Egg Castle (1:50)
6. Hairs on the Sun (2:50)
7. Pudding Synthesizer (2:33)
8. Flamingos in Snow (2:18)
9. No Longer a Maggot, Not Yet a Fly (7:18)
10. Being in Love Desperately with Mrs __ (3:06)