Ko Sira


Voted 'World Music Album of the Year' in 1993, 'Ko Sira' develops many of the themes of her debut - "Sigi Kuruni" ("Advice To A New Bride") and "Ko Sira" ("Road To The River") are particularly resonant. Recorded in Berlin and written entirely by Oumou, this intoxicating music twists electric guitar and bass into the traditional African instrumentation while Oumou's voice soars throughout.

RIYL Rokia Traore 


  1. Kayini Wura 
  2. Sigi Kurini 
  3. Mani Djindala 
  4. Saa Magni 
  5. Dugu Kamelenba 
  6. Bi Furu 
  7. Nawo Nawo 
  8. Ko Sira