Astral Welder

Ghostly International

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Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison and Clark Rehberg III began collaborating under the KILN moniker in central Michigan in the early 1990s. The trio released its self-titled debut EP on the Roomtone label in 1997, further developing their sound — via naturalist recording techniques and nascent digital workstation methods — across subsequent releases in the early 2000s. KILN signed to Ghostly International for 2004 LP, Sunbox, which established the label’s ambient “SMM” tributary, going on to reach their most consistent stretch from 2007’s Dusker through 2013’s meadow:watt. They make their long-awaited return to Ghostly with Astral Welder, a fizzing, electro-charged gallery of propulsion and abraded tone, offering eleven rotating constellations of force, groove and color that infuse the listener with a buoyant sense of now.


  1. Mud Dauber 
  2. Oceantumblers 
  3. Beachglass 
  4. Plum Hax 
  5. Open Field 
  6. Twin Sister Manifold 
  7. Saturator 
  8. Cartoon Garden 
  9. Koi 
  10. Sunseam 
  11. Ekkomoon