Vinyl LP

The journey began with a Youtube video and a headline that read ‚MINDBLOWING PSYCHEDELIA FROM THAILAND that crossed the continents and spread through the internet with great hype via Dangerous Minds (blog). Hailing from a remote village just outside the city of Lom Sak in the valley of mountains on the border between North and Northeast Thailand, Khun Narins Electric Phin Band have since released a self-titled debut in 2014, with Los Angeles-based producer Josh Marcy, who originally made the trip from the United States to record their captivating sound. The music they play is called ‚phinprayuk the first word referring to a 3-stringed lute known as ‚the phin, which forms the basis of their sound overlaid with numerous Boss effects pedals, to achieve the infamous sound. 'II' is a fresh return, introducing some new phin players, as well as members of the original troop, capturing the bands unique and hypnotizing psychedelia sound.