Red Earth




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A deeply introspective album of intricate storytelling brought to life with evocative instrumentation; meaningful lyricism and a golden voice, RED EARTH officially hails the emergence of one of New Zealand’s most intriguing songwriters and performers.

Moving effortlessly and seamlessly through a number of styles and genres, from dark country to true country; folk and chilled pop to bluesy rock, Kendall delivers an album packed with mood and personality.

Kendall chose the songs that feature on the album - including first singles already released ‘The Clock Tower’ and ‘Valentine Street’ - because they’re representations of her childhood growing up in Papakura, south Auckland. “Each song is based upon my memories around locations within the district. Most of the songs reflect important moments of my life that moulded who I am today,” she explains.

“The whole album writing process involved a lot of introspection and processing of traumatic experiences, so it comes from a place of healing and catharsis. The songs also hold a lot of relevance to issues that not only I faced growing up, but that continue to be common societal issues today such as poverty, housing insecurity, sexism, sexuality, mental health, and how colonialism has negatively impacted our country.”

  1. Belgrave Place
  2. Valentine Street
  3. Kirks Bush (the Long Way Around)
  4. Valentine Street Reprise
  5. Red Earth
  6. The Clock Tower
  7. Kingseat
  8. Great South Road
  9. Slippery Creek
  10. The Best of Town and Country