Vinyl LP

Kate NV’s WOW offers listeners a prismatic shift in perspective and scale, a parallel dimension in which the mundane becomes funny, unfamiliar, and altogether sensational. Turning the contents of her 2020 album Room For The Moon upside down and spilling it across a floor checkered with intrigue and surprise, Kate places sound, object, and ritual under the microscope to magnify the delight hidden in plain sight of everyday life. Vinyl edition includes a high quality multi-format digital download.


  1. oni (they)
  2. confessions at the dinner table
  3. slon (elephant)
  4. asleep
  5. nochnoi zvonok (night call)
  6. mi (we)
  7. d d don't
  8. early bird
  9. razmishlenie (thinking)
  10. flu
  11. meow chat