Princess Mononoke: Symphonic Suite

Vinyl LP

In 1998, a whole year after Princess Mononoke, the Studio Ghibli film directed by Hayao Miyazaki, was released, composer Joe Hisaishi decided to revisit the soundtrack he’d written. The time, he reimagined the score as a symphonic suite and performed and recorded it with the Czech philharmonic orchestra. Hisaishi scored the majority of Miyazaki’s films. 



1. 1st movement The Legend of Ashitaka
2. 2nd movement TA TA RI GAMI (The Demon God)
3. 3rd movement The Journey to the West
4. 4th movement Mononoke Hime


5. 5th movement The Forest of the Deer God
6. 6th movement Requiem – The Demon Power
7. 7th movement The World of the Dead – Adagio of Life and Death
8. 8th movement Ashitaka and San

RIYL: Mort Garson [Plantasia], Dario Marianelli, Alexandre Desplat