I've Got Me

Somewhere between Karen Dalton, Daniel Johnston, and Joanna Newsom lies a somewhere-near accurate description of what you're getting with the wonderful new album from Joanna Sternberg. Produced by Matt Sweeney (Bonnie "Prince" Billy), the emotions on I've Got Me sway and swing from joy to anxiety and back again, and we're here for it. 

Joanna Sternberg is one of the great songwriters of the day, their unique ability to make the listener feel emotional and often joyous, while conveying universal human difficulties of anxiety and insecurity. A virtuosic musician, Joanna was given a full scholarship from the New School Conservatory (NYC) and graduated with a concentration on Double Bass, Piano, and Vocal.


1. I've Got Me
2. I Will Be With You
3. People Are Toys To You
4. Drifting On A Cloud
5. Mountains High
6. I'll Make You Mine
7. Stockholm Syndrome
8. Right Here
9. The Love I Give
10. She Dreams
11. The Human Magnet Song
12. The Song