Quiet Signs

Vinyl LP

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Where jazz meets folk with a quiet beauty.

This is the Californian singer-songwriter’s third album. Recorded in Brooklyn at ‘Gary’s Electric’ it was co-produced by Al Carlson who also plays flute, organ and piano on the recording. Piano and string synth were played by Matt McDermott.

Cool jazzy piano resonates, smooth guitars strum, languorous echoing vocals swell and fill the room. A husky flute and gentle piano adds a strong vein of jazz to spacious swaying pop that resonates with sweet melodies.


  1. Opening Night 
  2. As The World Turns 
  3. Fare Thee Well 
  4. Here My Love 
  5. Poly Blue 
  6. This Time Around
  7. Crossing 
  8. Silent Song 
  9. Aeroplane 

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