Jamm' is the first new album in five years from one of Africa's great musical mavericks, Senegalese sufi troubadour Cheikh Lô. This is his most distinctive and personal album since his groundbreaking, Youssou N'Dour-produced debut 'Ne la Thiass' in 1996. The dreadlocked singer's signature blend of semi-acoustic flavours - West and Central African, funk, Cuban, flamenco - has been distilled into his most mature, focused, yet diverse statement to date. And his husky, sensual voice is sounding better than ever.

RIYL Youssou N'Dour


  1. Conia 
  2. Jamm 
  3. Il N'Est Jamais Trop Tard 
  4. Warico 
  5. Sankara 
  6. Seyni 
  7. Dieuf Dieul 
  8. Bourama 
  9. Ne Parti Pas 
  10. Folly Cagni