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Hey, what’s up. You heard of Jacky Boy?

They’re this band from Indiana, and I like em a lot. They put out a record a few years ago that is really good (2017’s On Good Terms With Everyone You Know). Kind of vulnerable, but not-too-emo, catchy as hell, fun-and-feeling Midwest rock songs. Anyway, they made a new record called Mush, and it’s great!

This entire album is built on top of an unambiguous sense of relief. Relief from immaturity, relief to grow, relief to be happy, relief to be free because it makes you happy, these are the recurring themes of the album, and also exactly how it feels when you listen to it.

With the addition of Zac Canale’s waning-Gen X / Millennial Rising MTV-College-Rock guitar fluency, Jacky Boy’s previous nods to 1990s slackerdom are injected with a new genuine authenticity and exploration. And Mark Edlin’s emotive, confident drumming betrays his youth without a noticeable care in the world. But the cares are in there.

This isn’t throwback music. This record is strong and cathartic and speaks for itself. The songs are catchy and fond, the vibration is easy, and the feeling is real.

Mike Adams (of Mike Adams at His Honest Weight)


  1. Live It Up
  2. Get Me Out
  3. Say You’re Right
  4. Good Enough
  5. Sun
  6. Feel It Now
  7. Mush
  8. Overdraft
  9. If You Mean It