Keyboard King At Studio One

Vinyl 2LP

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As Soul Jazz Records enter into the mighty vaults of Studio One , the most respected label in reggae history we present you with this showcase of Jackie Mittoo , one of the defining figureheads of reggae music, and his years at Studio One. He was one of the instigators of Ska music, Rocksteady and Reggae. In the seventies, DJ music and Dancehall were based upon classic rhythms of the sixties, many using the instrumental tracks that Jackie Mittoo created at Studio One at this time. This compilation features the work of Jackie Mittoo at Studio One. It features music recorded as a solo artist (as opposed to the numerous singers that he accompanied). Most of these are taken from his recordings in the mid sixties where he was recording on an almost daily basis at Studio One's Brentford Road studios developing the funky reggae sound that was his trademark.


  1. Get Up And Get It 
  2. Black Organ 
  3. Stereo Freeze 
  4. Totally Together 
  5. Hot Tamale 
  6. Reggae Rock 
  7. Oboe 
  8. Juice Box 
  9. Summer Breeze 
  10. P. Cafe
  11. Henry The Great 
  12. Killer Diller
  13. Wall Street 
  14. Darker Shade Of Black

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