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The new Fly My Pretties IV show saw the 16-strong cast unite with an exciting new concept, re-inspired style and re-invigorated sound in late 2011.

Via a unique collaboration, renowned visual/street artist Flox found inspiration in each song to create 16 original and dedicated pieces of art. A unifying thread throughout the show, the artworks were brought to life through projection, animation and visual trickery.

Like the albums that preceded it, the tracks on “IV” were captured as live recordings during the collective’s tour and released as a CD/DVD package on 19 March 2012.

The Fly My Pretties IV cast was the most diverse yet and featured an impressive selection of kiwi talent including original members Barnaby Weir, Mike Fabulous, Jarney Murphy and Age Pryor, as well as Fran Kora, Anna Coddington, Flip Grater, L.A. Mitchell, Aaron Tokona, Ryan Prebble, Eva Prowse, Amiria Grenell Justin “Firefly” Clarke, James Coyle, Iraia Whakamoe and guest visual artist, Flox!