The Prettiest Curse

Produced by Jenn Decilveo (The Wombats, Ben Platt and Anne-Marie), The Prettiest Curse finds Hinds letting their imaginations run more freely than ever, even as they share some of their most emotionally heavy material to date.

In the making of The Prettiest Curse, Hinds devised a brilliantly unpredictable vocabulary for communicating their most painful feelings. Unfolding in frenetic guitar riffs and buzzing basslines, powerful drumming and delicate piano work, the album endlessly delivers massively catchy melodies and vocals that growl and sigh with equal ferocity. The effect of all that unrestrained expression is fantastically dizzying, made even more so by Hinds’ constant back-and-forth between their native tongue and English.

Track List:
01. Good Bad Times
02. Just Like Kids (Miau)
03. Riding Solo
04. Boy
05. Come Back And Love Me <3
06. Burn
07. Take Me Back
08. The Play
09. Waiting For You
10. This Moment Forever