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Voices Of One


Voices Of One

1:12 Records

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Alt indie cult band Hallelujah Picassos present their new composition Voices Of One, paired with Black Spade Picasso Core, on splendid black vinyl thru 1:12 Records

Thematically both songs revolve around community. Voices Of One is built around the idea of the individual being stronger with a community versus being lost in a community. This is an example of what the band means with interpretive impressionistic variationism. 

Black Spade Picasso Core revisits one of the band’s classic numbers in a contemporary version. It features one of the last vocal performances by Bobbylon. 

The cover feature artwork designed by the band. They also individually screenprinted every single cover. It’s a limited run of 300 copies, so grab yours today. 

The single is a taster of the upcoming new album from Hallelujah Picassos, due out before the end of the year on 1:12 Records

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