The Papercut Chronicles II (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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Get ready to experience the electric energy of Gym Class Heroes’ album, Papercut Chronicles II, with this sleek black vinyl edition.

Featuring the hit singles, Stereo Hearts, Ass Back Home and Life Goes On, this album is a must have for any fan of the band’s unique fusion of hip hop, pop and rock.


1. Za Intro
2. Martyrial Girl$
3. Life Goes On (feat. Oh Land)
4. Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine)
5. Solo Discotheque (Whiskey Bitness)
6. Holy Horseshit, Batman!
7. Ass Back Home (feat. Neon Hitch)
8. Nil-Nil-Draw
9. Lazarus, Ze Gitan
10. The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder)
11. Kid Nothing and the Never-Ending Naked Nightmare

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