The Way of the Racer

Grand Prix have evolved into a grounded and intelligent music entity with this release. A new band line up introduces trumpet, drums and bass, which provides a rich and full sonic experience while drawing upon some Mexican-flavoured elements adds a distinct edge to the otherwise country genre they happily ride in. The album is guitar-driven. Interesting intervallic shapes and catchy-as-hell riff-based playing couple with a supporting rhythm section encompassing a 'do what is needed' attitude. While this would have been a successful combination on their own, it is the trumpet melodies and harmonies working sensibly with the vocal and guitar that is the extra sweetener in their coffee. The lyrical content is based upon the concept of Formula One racing but only in a metaphoric sense, open to interpretation but communicating universally to the listener. An applaudable feat from a songwriting perspective. With musical interest and lyrical allure it's well worth getting.
NZ Musician Magazine -‚By Kent Walsdorf

Artist: Grand Prix
Title: The Way of the Racer
Catalog Number: AHR018
Formats: CD + Digital
Year: 2005

Track List:
  1. The Way Of The Racer
  2. In Catalunya
  3. Racing On The Surface Of The Moon
  4. Eternity Behind The Wheel
  5. What Kind Of Man Is He?
  6. Vigilante
  7. Racing Stripes
  8. Sea Of Cars
  9. Rookie
  10. Off Season