The Speed Of Sound

Arch Hill

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"Funnily enough this instantly sounds like the perfect driving record with high-tempo solid rhythm and near car like lead guitars. The Speed of Sound is the fourth album from Grand Prix and although their sound is now road worn it has reached its comfort age and speed. Every tune on this album sounds perfectly suited and unforced. There are lighter moments like in Blue that shows some real grounded talent and the ability to just drift with a song. Good album buy this for next summer.

Artist: Grand Prix
Title: Speed of Sound
Catalog Number: AHR040
Discs: 1
Formats: CD + Digital
Year: 2009

1. Travelling Companion
2. Town Of Sound
3. Made To Break Down
4. Through
5. In My Book
6. Music Date
7. No Particular Place To Go
8. El Baile de la Calaca
9. All Work & No Pay
10. Dreamweaver
11. It's Only Money
12. A Greater Emptiness