Terraplane Twilight

"Fans of Grand Prix's last album The Way of the Racer will know singer-songwriter Andrew McKenzie is more a cross between Nick Cave and John Rowles meeting at a Nashville truckstop...Yes, certain songs sound as though they've been cut from the same, 60s and 70s-inspired mould. But McKenzie has once again proved himself one of this country's best songwriters, whether it's the free-spirited opener Always Beginning, its mellow follow-up Gasoline, or the stand-out country ballad, The Deal. And with the help of a few well-placed motifs, from glockenspiel to Davey Geard's "recorder of death" and religious chanting, it's moody, well-executed stuff."
NZ Herald -Rebecca Barry-Hill 4/5 Stars


1 Always Beginning
2 Gasoline
3 Zhang
4 A Moment In Time
5 Track At Night
6 Satellite Camera
7 The Devil
8 Even The Stupid
9 Low Rider
10 The Funeral
11 The Deal
12 Bypass
13 Time Machines