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Aotearoa’s own George VILLA shares his debut EP, Empty Pockets. The 7-track EP includes fan-favourite singles ‘Running Free’ and ‘Addicted (with Rhys Rich)’ which introduced the world to George’s distinctive surf-rock-inspired sound.

“Empty Pockets was born a few years ago after leaving my parents’ place,” George says of the new EP. “…it lyrically encapsulates trying to live on the minimum, figuring out how the world works and the struggles and blessings of close friends and relationships.”

After his first few Soundcloud releases started getting attention, it was the sign that George needed to take a chance and start pursuing music as more than a passion project, relocating to Auckland city two years ago to start working on his debut EP with super producers including Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, Baker Boy) and Neil Macleod (Drax Project). Shaped by artists including King Krule, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan, George’s sound reflects his upbringing influenced by both the greats of his parents’ generation and the new-wave contemporary styles of the internet era. With a fusion of elements between indie rock, soul, reggae, pop, and psychedelic, Empty Pockets mirrors George’s personality - chill, mellow atmospheres with a dreamy underlying groove, raw delivery, and infectiously cheeky tone.


01. Divine
02. Running Free
03. Addicted (with Rhys Rich)
04. Revolve
05. Denim Jeans (with Rhys Rich)
06. Think About
07. Love Don’t Grow on Trees