We Still Don't Trust You (Limited Alternate Cover, White Vinyl 2LP)

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Limited White Vinyl 2LP



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We Still Don't Trust You is the next chapter of an explosive campaign that has captured the entire music industry’s attention and piqued its competitive interests in ways not seen in years. It arrives as a celebration of the historic partnership of two culture-shifting legends operating at the peak of their powers and cements their legacy of Hip Hop pioneers.

As with its predecessor, it boasts a who’s-who of their most trusted collaborators and takes the most iconic rapper-producer partnership in the game to a whole new stratosphere.


1. We Still Don’t Trust You feat. The Weeknd
2. Drink N Dance
3. Out Of My Hands
4. Jealous
5. This Sunday
6. Luv Bad Bitches feat. Brownstone
7. Amazing (Interlude)
8. All to Myself
9. Nights Like This
10. Came to the Party
11. Right 4 You
12. Mile High Memories
13. Overload
14. Gracious feat. Ty Dolla $ign
15. Beat It
16. Always Be My Fault feat. The Weeknd
17. One Big Family
18. Red Leather feat. J. Cole
19. #1 (Intro)
20. Nobody Knows My Struggle
21. All My Life feat. Lil Baby
22. Crossed Out 
23. Crazy Clientele
24. Show of Hands feat. A$AP Rocky
25. Streets Made Me A King

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