New Urban Polynesian (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

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Originally out via Deepgrooves in 1994, this classic from the late Phil Fuemana, featuring siblings Christina, Tony, and Pauly, is finally getting the vinyl reissue it deserves some three decades later. The pure sound of what was really happening in 90s South Auckland music, with the unmistakable modern Pasifika flavour that was always present in anything Phil set his hand to, New Urban Polynesian is urgent listening for anyone with an interest in our real musical history. - Flying Out


  1. Seasons (Otara Love Theme)
  2. Seasons
  3. Rockit Love
  4. Dangerous Love (94 Remix)
  5. Last Summer
  6. Deep Of The Night (Love & Bass)
  7. Cool Calm
  8. Fa A Samoa (Extended Mix)
  9. Closer (93 Mix)

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